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Tapan Karecha

Name: Tapan Karecha
Address: E 401, Trendset Winz, Nanakramguda, Hyderabad 500 008
Contact: Phone - +91 9989 67 0950, email -
Web: LinkedIn, Personal blog

Professional profile

Currently on a break, and am available for hire starting May 2015.

Previously employed at Amazon Development Center, Hyderabad in the position of Software Development Manager.

Previously employed at HP Software for more than 12 years. My last position there for more than 8 years was Engineering Manager and during that tenure I successfully delivered multiple releases of two enterprise grade software products that are used by several large enterprises across the globe including telecom service providers, banks, manufacturers and governments. I transitioned into that role after developing software for these products during my initial years at HP. I also enabled solution delivery teams at some of HP's largest clients including Vodafone (Germany), Telstra (Australia) and KTF (South Korea) for which I have won multiple high profile awards.

Earlier, I was at Intelligroup Asia Pvt. Ltd. where I developed inhouse software to enable the sales team. I was also responsible for training senior software engineers of the company in new and emerging technologies.


  • More than 15 years’ software product development experience including Project Management, Release Management, Quality Assurance.
  • Recipient of HP’s prestigious High Flyer 2008 award and Asia pacific Top Gun 2004 award for my contributions to enable key deals in those years.
  • Customer experience on site HP’s customers: Vodafone D2, Germany; KTF, S. Korea; and Telstra, Australia.
  • Highly skilled at communicating ideas clearly and effectively. Speaker at HP Software Bootcamp at Kota Kinabalu, Malaysia (August 2004).
  • Contributor to Apache foundation open source software.
  • Sun Certified Java programmer.
  • One year experience of mobile app development on iOS platform for iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch. Apps website:

Professional experience

Amazon Development Center, Hyderabad, India

Software Development Manager (Mar 2013 - Nov 2014)

  • Responsible for Amazon wide web applications that allow sellers to submit IRS tax forms. This service is used by Amazon businesses including Kindle Publishing, Amazon App Store, Amazon Marketplace, etc.
  • Grew the team of 5 SDEs to 14 SDEs, and a Technical Program Manager
  • Hired Software Development Managers, Software Development Engineers, QA Engineers, Technical Program Managers for my team and for other teams in the GFS business unit at Amazon
  • Was recognized in a senior management review for instituting engineering excellence best practices withing the team, having the least operational burden, and five nines availability of the web applications and services that I owned.
  • Zero attrition of SDEs from my team in two years.

HP Software, Bangalore, India

Engineering Manager (Feb 2010 - Feb 2013)

  • Manage engineering functions to two products in the HP NNMi Software product family, namely: HP NNMi iSPI Performance for Traffic, and NNMi iSPI Performance for QoS.
  • Responsibilities:
    • New feature releases of product
    • Release maintenance patches for supported product versions.
    • Streamline software development processes and ensure adherence
    • Product quality assurance
    • New talent acquisition
  • Team size: 13 engineers based out of Bangalore.

Engineering Manager (July 2004 - Jan 2010)

  • Manage engineering functions (development, QA and maintenance) of a telecommunications domain product. HP IUM is a convergent billing mediation system for voice and data mediation; with annual revenue of $8 million including G1 (license) and G2 (support) revenue.
  • Responsibilities:
    • New feature releases of product
    • Release maintenance patches for supported product versions.
    • Oversee adherence to software development processes Product quality assurance
    • New talent acquisition
    • R&D spend budgeting
  • Formed and ramped up a global team for product QA in 2007.
  • Formed and ramped up a global team for level 3 product support in 2006.
  • High retention rate of top talent in team, and have helped recruit former star performers back into the company and into the team.
  • Team size: 30 engineers based out of Bangalore, Cupertino, Moscow and Shanghai.

Software Analyst (July 2004 - Jan 2010)

  • Member of Internet Usage Manager product R&D team
  • Joined the team as Software Engineer and was promoted to Software Analyst in 2003.
  • Responsibilities:
    • Analyze requirements and design/implement software components.
    • Enhance application framework for extensibility and performance.
    • Develop, document and test software to specification.
    • Mentor new engineers in the team.
  • Traveled to on-site locations to OV Usage Manager customer locations including:
    • KTF, Seoul, Korea in 2003 and 2004
    • Vodafone D2, Dusseldorf, Germany in 2003
    • Telstra, Melbourne, Australia in 2001
  • ClearCase (Rational’s Version Control system) administrator for team.
  • Contributed to Jakarta Commons’ open source project ‘Commons Net’.

Intelligroup Asia Private Limited, Hyderabad, India

Software Engineer (Sept 1999 - July 2000)

  • Member of the software development team of project Synergy.
  • Intelligroup Inc. is a global professional services firm that helps its clients improve their business performance by building and supporting innovative Internet-based solutions and enterprise applications. The sales team comprises of about 40 people. Synergy is a browser based Internet tool, which helps the management to coordinate the activities of sales team.
  • Responsibilities:
    • Study the management’s requirements and suggest implementation strategies.
    • Prepare a detailed plan for the project.
    • Design and create the database and stored procedures.
    • Coding of the visual interface for the client-side module as well as the server-side middle tier module.
  • Additional responsibility:
    • Training senior enigneers in emerging technologies.

Sriram Soft Private Limited, Rajkot, India

Software Engineer (Sept 1999 - July 2000)

  • Contributed to various small to medium scale projects.
  • Significant project: Design and development of an intranet based Stores Management System application for a mid-sized Diesel Engine manufacturing company. The software was implemented using Java and Oracle 7.3. The primary function of the application was to update the stock of the raw material and the produced goods in the central database at the headquarters.
  • Responsibilities:
    • Analysis and design of the application.
    • Coding for the middle-tier using JDBC API. o Testing and prototyping.
    • User training.

Tools and technologies

  • Java, JUnit, JBoss
  • NetBeans, Jenkins CI
  • Git, SVN, ClearCase
  • Objective C, HTML5, Ruby, Go

Style of work

  • Small iterations
  • Continous integration
  • Continuous improvement
  • Refactor [repeat]
  • Automate tests [xUnit and system]
  • Involve stakeholders
  • Eliminate waste
  • Release often
  • Open to constructive feedback


Bachelor of Engineering, Saurashtra University, Rajkot

Professional certifications