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Three Good Links: 04 May 2022

Advice for programmers contemplating a startup, practicing with code katas, and the latest edition of Thoughtworks Technology Radar.

  1. Letter To A Young Programmer Considering A Startup: The author regularly gets emails from young people, usually those with an interest in programming, who are trying to make decisions about school and/or their professional futures. This post is for those young people.

  2. Performing Code Katas: Software developers use katas to build muscle memory, practice logical thought and teach themselves familiar ideas but from a different perspective. Katas can stretch our abilities, teach us to become comfortable with the uncomfortable, and help us write code we may not normally write.

  3. Technology Radar, Vol 26 (pdf): Technology Radar is created by The Thoughtworks Technology Advisory Board, a group of senior technology leaders at Thoughtworks. It rates techniques, tools, platforms, and languages & frameworks; and captures it in a format that provides value to a wide range of stakeholders, from developers to CTOs.