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Three Good Links: 20 April 2022

Crypto, Linux commands, and FoundationDB.

  1. Crypto Canon: A list of crypto readings and resources organized from building blocks and basics, foundations & history, and key concepts – followed by specific topics such as governance, privacy and security, scaling, decentralized exchanges, non-fungible tokens, and more.

  2. The 50 Most Popular Linux Commands: In this youtube video (duration: 5 hours), learn the 50 most popular Linux commands from Colt Steele. All these commands work on Linux, macOS, WSL, and anywhere you have a UNIX environment.

  3. FoundationDB: ACM paper [pdf] on FoundationDB, an open-source transactional key-value store, which adopts an unbundled architecture that decouples an in-memory transaction management system, a distributed storage system, and a built-in distributed configuration system.