== Notes to self ==
Not gold alone brought us hither

Follow Your Interests

Are you following your own unique interests?

A career in software development is more varied and diverse than you would think. If a particular job title or working at a particular company drives you, it is possible that it is triggering your ego. Say, you love your job and you like your current role. But a colleague or a buddy from college is doing much better. They either have a better job title or a better salary, or they just landed a job at a nice company (Google, Amazon, Facebook, or such), or for heaven’s sake, they just relocated to a nice place in Europe or the USA. Best of all, they perhaps did all of the above in one shot! This can be unsettling, right? Well…

If you are thinking only of the perks and not about your craft, you are thinking short-term. Ask anybody who has been in the industry long enough to have lived through booms and busts, and they will tell you that job satisfaction and contentment come from loving your craft.

Love what you do. Do what you love.