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Harvard's CS50P 2022

Harvard’s popular CS50 and related courses (CS50X, CS50G, etc.) are a gift to the world (they are all free!) which we do not appreciate enough. One of these courses starts soon and is called CS50P – CS50’s Introduction to Programming with Python. The course is relevant if you belong to one of the following categories:

  • A nonprogrammer who wants to learn to program (not necessarily as a career choice but just to improve your effectiveness in your current job, or as a hobby)
  • A programmer who wants to learn Python (it is the most popular language in the industry today!)
  • A Python programmer who just wants to brush up on the fundamentals
  • A parent of a middle or high schooler (this will be an opportunity for your child to dabble in programming; what better way to spend the summer holidays!)

Find the course here.

Also, check out the other CS50 courses. You might find something which is even more relevant to your ambitions or your current work.