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Not gold alone brought us hither

Dec 20, 2016

One on ones (howto)

Andy Grove explains how to have effective 1x1s in his classic management book High Output Management.


  • Block regular time; tune frequency for individual
  • Show up on time; don’t cancel at the last minute
  • Prepare discussion points; ask him/her to do the same


  • Be flexible; some structure but not too much
  • Do some “loose timeboxing”; ensure time to cover most pressing points
  • Set expectations around what is most important; create an incentive to focus
  • Be fully present; shift gears and get out of autopilot
  • Make a difference in the life of this person; devote full attention
  • Strike a balance between asking questions and listening; consider it a precious moment of connection
  • If the conversation diverges, get it back on track
  • Give them time and space to think about what they want to express


  • Start positive by sharing a win
  • Ask direct but open-ended questions about goals
  • Ask questions about career plans; do not neglect the personal
  • Ask strategic questions (e.g. are we focused on the right things?)
  • End with a note of appreciation and gratitude; words of affirmation mean a lot