== Notes to self ==
Not gold alone brought us hither

Pull request checklist

Open source projects have styleguides, and this one is one such example. What caught my attention is the code review checklist, though there are other nuggets in there.


Before you submit your patch for review, look at the diff. Consider running through a quick mental checklist of all the things discussed above before submitting your patch for review:

  • Did I write tests and update docs?
  • Can it be any clearer?
  • Can I delete more lines of code?
  • Does the diff overall look reasonable?
  • Is there any cruft like stray blank lines or debugging output or irrelevant trivial refactorings?
  • Should the change be broken into multiple meaningful pieces?
  • Is this change really necessary at all?

(You might be surprised how often the answer to that last one is “no”.)