== Notes to self ==
Not gold alone brought us hither

App users

The chances of success for an application increases when the following set of people are happy:


Administrators want to easily …

  1. Install and uninstall, and does not leave anything behind after uninstall
  2. Configure and customize system settings
  3. Keep things updated without crying
  4. Full control over email support

###Policy deciders

Policy deciders want to …

  1. Control who can access the application
  2. Decide who can perform certain operations
  3. Keep tabs on who has done what


Users want …

  1. Customized views of everything
  2. Instant access to everything
  3. No interruptions while they are working

###Other developers

Other developers want …

  1. The ability to extend and script
  2. A supported API to work with
  3. Components they can reuse

This is taken entirely from the slides from the talk Christian Hammond & David Trowbridge gave about ReviewBoard in 2008. This talk can be viewed on YouTube here but I did not find the slides anywhere else and hence wanted to capture this in writing in a blog post.