== Notes to self ==
Not gold alone brought us hither


This blog was hosted on wordpress until today. Starting with this post, the new home is github pages. Also, my online scrap book, i.e. my tumblog, has also moved here to github pages and is merged with my blog. This makes it easier to maintain the two streams as one. I was paying wordpress for using my personal domain name for the blog, but github allows this for free.

Another change with this move is that I am using Octopress to manage my blog posts. This allows me to keep my content archived on my computer, and eliminates the need for backing up the blog – just in case the service provider closes shop or looses my data for any reason. With Octopress, I am able to use Markdown to compose blog posts and that makes it worth all the trouble of moving from wordpress.com to github pages. For the curious, the raw content of the blog can be seen in the markdown format here.

There was an outage for about an hour during the time my domain name switched from looking at my wordpress.com blog to github pages, and this was due to a mistake I comitted while changing the name server entries with my domain registrar. Anyways, thats not a huge problem because this blog gets very few visits. The bigger problem due to this outage was with my email (tapan@karecha.com) which is hosted on Google Apps, and during this time, all emails sent to tapan@karecha.com failed to deliver. I am not sure if any important email was lost during this time – hope not!

Finally, everything is back up and running normally.