Notes to self

Not gold alone brought us hither

Jun 15, 2011

Industry awards

Businesses covet industry awards for multiple reasons. These help boost visibility of the company or the award winning product to different audiences, for instance:

  • Existing and potential customers; and
  • Potential employees

Upon receiving an award, it is perfectly normal and even desirable to turn to any of the above and make sure they are aware of this award. It is a moment of pride, and should be relished as such. It should also be advertised as such.

But if you want an award that you can bring to your existing employees to make them proud and happy, then stop. That industry award will not cut it. [I am assuming you have all the other variables under control: salary, work/life balance, good work environment etc.] Your existing employees want just one award: being proud of what they produce. Unless that experience trumps all their other experiences at work, they will never quite feel as rewarded as you want them to do.