Notes to self

Not gold alone brought us hither

Jul 7, 2010

Aching bones

Last evening, I was scheduled to run for 30 minutes. I hit the gym to do my bit, and started off on the treadmill, with the timer set to 30 minutes. Due to popularity of the treadmills and at the same time, lack of a good number (there are only 3 at the gym), the use of this machine is restricted to 20 mintunes at a time. I did not want to raise eyebrows by violating that rule, and therefore, I got off the machine at 20 minutes and started running out of the gym and hit the road. Finished the remaining 10 minutes on the road (around the block in the neighborhood) and this was like a test for the days to come. I felt good running on the road after a long time. And, as noted by Tim in Lore of Running, I had not forgotten running. My body took it very well.

Starting today, I have switched to the morning routine as planned, and today walked 45 minutes in the neighborhood. Now, during the day, I can feel a bit of soreness all over my body and it feels good.

I have also thrown in some stretching at the end of my run, and that seems to help. Overall, this first week of daily activity is going to take its toll but I am happy this is the begining of a journey that I hope to be very enjoyable very soon.