Notes to self

Not gold alone brought us hither

Jul 6, 2010

Started on new plan

Yesterday evening, I started on the new plan. It was a walk day, and I went out for a 45 mintute walk. I have to admit, the experience was not that great. Pollution was severe, even with low traffic due to all India bandh, and I can only image how bad the pollution will be on a normal work day.

I have two options: 1. stick to indoor activities in the gym, or 2. pick a time and route with least pollution. For now, I am going to pick 2. Though its well known that mornings are the least favorable time for workouts, because of the body’s lack of readiness for activity, I am going to have to pick that time for my daily walks and runs. And the routeā€¦ I am going to make circles around the big block in my neighbourhood and avoid taking yesterday’s route near the main road. Having to do multiple circles around he block is going to be a bit monotonous but I prefer that over breathing in smoke and dust.

Overall the 45 minute walk was energizing (in spite of the above) and am looking forward to my run today evening in the gym and then starting tomorrow, the mornings will be the time for my runs and walks.