Notes to self

Not gold alone brought us hither

Apr 11, 2009

My little world

I love living in my own little world, which is made up of my little computer (Acer Aspire One) and allows me to go find refuge in a different world for whatever time I can spare every day. Its not just about the form factor of this little machine — which is impressive, by the way — but its more of what’s on this machine.

If you are not familiar with this little laptop, which is categorized as a netbook in general computer parlance, it is a 8.9″ screen portable computer that runs on Intel’s Atom (dual core) processor and has 1G RAM, 160G HDD and all the fixtures you may expect in a laptop sans CD ROM drive. On this little marvel, I run my favourite applications like:

  • Firefox (My favorite browser)
  • gVim (My favorite text editor)
  • TweetDeck (My favourite twitter client)
  • BlogDesk (My favorite blogging software)
  • Thunderbird (My favorite email client)
  • Adobe Reader (This is all you need to read most ebooks)

Everytime I have some time, all I need is my wifi to be switched on, and I am happy to just watch time pass by while I read/surf/blog/tweet/watch things that I like.

All I can say is I am happy to be living in this day and age of the internet. Life would be very different if we did not have all of the above, to take me to the world of my own, where I live happily as long as I need to.

And when I still have time, I love going out for a run. There are days when I am able to do both, and thats when it feels like nothing can go wrong. Not often, but there are days like that. Today was one of those days.