Notes to self

Not gold alone brought us hither

Sep 6, 2010

Ideas and humans

Many humans have given their lives to preserve ideas, but no idea ever died to save a human.

– Scott Adams talks about ideas in a blog post called Shape Shifters

Sep 4, 2010


My Google Reader Trends (Gosh, what a time guzzler!)

From your 52 subscriptions, over the last 30 days you read 848 items, clicked 103 items, starred 0 items, shared 0 items, and emailed 1 items.

Since October 10, 2005 you have read a total of 23,550 items.

Sep 4, 2010


It’s also unfortunate that meetings are typically scheduled like TV shows. You set aside thirty minutes or an hour because that’s how scheduling software works.

– From the book REWORK

Aug 30, 2010

Argument against functional spec

A feature is signed off and agreed on. Even if you realize during development that it’s a bad idea, you’re stuck with it. Specs don’t deal with the reality that once you start building something, everything changes.

From Getting Real