Notes to self

Not gold alone brought us hither

Jan 31, 2011


Jobs Interview [1985] - Newsweek

I can be very intense in my convictions. And I don’t know; all in all, I kind of like myself and I’m not that anxious to change.

– Steve Jobs

Jan 29, 2011


How to Tax the Rich

Only crazy people imagine that bad ideas can suddenly become good if you keep trying them.

Jan 27, 2011


A tableful of products

All the products Apple sells can fit on one average sized kitchen table and they generated $76 billion in sales last year.

Oct 19, 2010


You can’t lead in the abstract. You have to get skin in the game.

– Scott Burken in a blog post.

Oct 12, 2010

Fame and riches

The path to fame and riches in the computer world is through what you do, not who you know.

– Ian Lance Taylor in a blog post