Notes to self

Not gold alone brought us hither

Jul 6, 2011


The questions we ask are more important than the answers we give, since the questions determine the potential range of answers.

– Anonymous

Jul 2, 2011


I find that trying to talk to my cats about anything is frustrating. As soon as they notice they’re getting some attention, they’ll come and brush against me and try to lure me to the kitchen where all the food is.

Rubber Ducking

Jun 18, 2011


As an engineer, you have a depth of knowledge about your systems and projects that no managers can possibly have. With that knowledge comes the responsibility to act.

Uncle Bob in his new book The Clean Coder

Jun 17, 2011

15 minutes a day

Getting started on something new can be challenging. While it is surprising, it is true, that one would find it difficult to get started on a project of their own choosing. Typical examples of new projects are: exercise, new business, new job, new skill, quitting a bad habit, etc. Why would it be difficult to embark upon a journey that you actually want to begin? The strongest reasons are the fear of unknown, and the fear of failure.

15 minutes a day method helps overcome the inertia and helps one get over the hump. Simple rules to follow:

  • Spend 15 minutes every day on your new project
  • During this phase, avoid rating your experience of performing that activity
  • Do not miss a single day
  • Even if you start enjoying your new project/activity a lot, resist the temptation of going beyond 15 minutes

It takes 21 days to form a habit. In those 21 days, follow this rule of 15 minutes a day and get over that hump.